Nov 12

Upgrading to Windows 8 with Parallels Desktop without an Existing Windows License or Install

If you haven’t heard, the incredibly smooth VM software Parallels Desktop for Mac is on sale both on their website and as part of a File bundle on StackSocial. If you’re a Genova Mac user and have been itching to try cheap jerseys the latest version of Windows, or just need to use a Windows-only application, Parallels makes it (reasonably) straight forward to install and run Windows 8.

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Oct 12

LabVIEW File Path Type is Cross-Platform

If you’re a regular LabVIEW user you’ve probably programmatically (sorry, I hate that word too) referenced another file at some point. Most likely you’ve done this 212 to save some data or dynamically open another VI. Both tasks require the path to the file you need to work Gaziantep with. The challenge, however, is that path formats are OS dependent. For example, Windows uses the backslash (\) for denoting directory levels while Mac OS X uses the forward slash (/). If you plan on accessing a file using the Strip and Build Path functions, you need to use the correct slash to get to the new location. Using a string data type will require you to do a bit of extra work to properly identify the operating system and then the properly formatted string. Good news: there is a better way.

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