Feb 13

Yes, You Can Still Run and Debug Your Jailbroken iOS Device With a Developer License

With the recent release of iOS 6.1 and the evasi0n jailbreak, I was tempted to re-jailbreak my ancient iPhone 4. iOS has come a long way since that phone’s debut, so most of my hang-ups have been dealt with. There is one glaring feature missing that ought to be standard: WiFi hotspot. This has been less important to me since my switch from field work to mostly development. Recently, however, I’ve found myself on-site and unable to get to a much needed repo update. So jailbreak it is.

However, I was concerned about my recent investment in the iOS Developer Program and whether I’d still be able to run and debug my code on my iPhone. Two minutes of searching didn’t really reveal what I needed so I went ahead and did the jailbreak anyway. And yes, as I’m sure as you’ve guess from the title of this post, I am able to run and debug my apps to my jailbroken iPhone with no issue. And now you know.