Mar 13

Add To-dos to Evernote with this Alfred Workflow

If you haven’t heard yet, Alfred 2 is out. The new version introduces workflows to the Powerpack, which I’m quickly finding to be indispensable. I’ve created a workflow for adding a single to-do or a to-do list to Evernote. It works by typing “todo” then the text you want to follow a checkbox. You can also append tags with a “#” (each tag gets one, this allows for tags with spaces). To create a to-do list, type “todos” followed by the list title (optional) then mark off each to-do with a “*”. Tags work here as well.

If you’re not already using checkboxes in Evernote, you’re doing it wrong. They’re searchable, so as you’re taking notes just drop in checkboxes next to your actionable items. Later you can search for unchecked checkboxes to build your to-do list. If you’re big on the GTD approach (as I am) you can include tags for context (i.e. at work, at home, calls, etc.). There will be more from me re: Evernote and GTD, so stay tuned.

Download the Evernote To-dos workflow here.